IT security crackdown: A total of 56 suspected hackers have been arrested by the UK’s National Crime Agency, as part of a ‘strike week’ against cybercrime.

IT securityArrests included a man suspected of being involved in the Yahoo hack of 2012. In addition to a 23 year old man suspected of being involved in hacking the US defence department in 2014. The biggest IT security operation saw 25 people arrested for potentially stealing money and laundering money online.

The hackers behind that attack are thought to have stolen the data of around 800 people.

The week also witnessed four forces complete pop up shows, giving advice to the public about staying safe online. Also offering to check user devices to ensure that they were free from malware. The NCA also conducted visits to 70 firms, to inform them of their IT security status, including server vulnerabilities and precautions that could be taken to protect their data.

Andy Archibald, deputy director of the NCCU told the BBC: “Criminals need to realise that committing crime online will not render them anonymous to law enforcement. It’s imperative that we continue to work with partners to pursue and disrupt the major crime groups targeting the UK.”

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