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UK Referendum result causes email spam increase

UK Referendum result causes email spam increase

There has been a colossal increase in spam emails being sent to concerned citizens following the EU referendum.

The phishing attacks have been targeting users with subjects such as “Brexit causes historic market drop”. Users have been advised not to open, click or respond to these emails.

What is a Phishing attack?
phishing spam
Phishing is an attempt to gather sensitive information, including usernames, credit card information and passwords. This information is often gathered for malicious purposes, with a spam email seemingly coming from a credible source.

Email increase

A Symantec spokeswoman told the BBC: “since the referendum results, Symantec’s threat intelligence researchers have identified a 392% increase in spam emails that use Brexit in the subject line to target people and organisations.”

The number of emails blocked by Symantec on behalf of their customers increased from 81,323 between 9 June and 23 June to 399,892 from the 24 June to 5 July.