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Why Veeam and virtualDCS

Why Veeam and virtualDCS

Why Veeam and virtualDCS?

We have now been a Veeam partner for over 10 years, working together to offer innovative Disaster Recovery solutions. virtualDCS and Veeam software combined can help you to reduce the cost of storage and protect the data that matters the most to you.

Here is how together we can support you, and your business:Veeam

Offsite backup made easy with Veeam                              

When it comes to protecting your data offsite, a common issue is maintaining your disaster recovery facility, but this is where virtualDCS can help. By selecting virtualDCS as your offsite provider you can protect your data with ease, knowing your data is protected, without you having to maintain the data centre.

Veeam also offers flexibility through built-in WAN Acceleration, with this technology the software can decide which data blocks are there and which to send in backup. Also included is global caching, variable block length data fingerprinting, and traffic compression and is 50x faster than a standard file copy.

Built for the virtual world

Veeam does not just tolerate virtual environments, it embraces it. The navigation is easy and intuitive versus physical backup tools and it’s simple to connect your infrastructure to our offsite data centres.

Saving Money

Many businesses are switching to Veeam software due to the massive savings to be had, businesses who have switched, have saved on average of £38,000 a year. Not only this, but they have also improved their backup performance and downtime.

Business owners who have switched also reported spending 35% less time managing their infrastructure so they can focus their time and energy on the business.

Instant File Recovery through Veeam cloud connect

Instant file recovery through image-based backups can be problematic. To tackle this problem head-on, Veeam developed an Instant File Recovery which enables the admin to restore guest files from a compressed and duplicated backup, without having to restore an entire machine. You can do this straight from your off-site storage location, with ease.

Instant VM Recovery

If for whatever reason, your virtual machine goes down you can restart it again on any host. Full recovery can happen in the background with no impact on users or your business.

Always Reliable

Veeam replication cloud backup offsite provides automated nightly backup and replica testing on 100% of all your workloads.

The Future

Regarded as a pioneer in the backup sector. Over 50,000 companies have switched to Veeam in the past 12 months, simply because they are the industry leader with a proven history of digital backups.

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