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Veeam Cloud Connect Capabilities

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Veeam Cloud Connect Capabilities

A technical review by Matthew Sharpe

We’ve had an influx of customers enquiring about Veeam Cloud Connect over the last few months and asking if the solution is right for their business. Honestly, Veeam Cloud Connect provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to protect their data while ensuring costs remain low.

I’ve decided to compress my thoughts into a blog highlighting Veeam Cloud Connects many capabilities.

Cloud Repository Backups and accessibility
At its core, Veeam Cloud Connect offers you the opportunity to store your Veeam backups on the cloud. This itself means that that backups are always available, accessible and easily restored, should an incident occur.

veeam cloud connectCompany control
You have the ability from the local Veeam Backup & Replication console, to view, delete and move backup files from your active Veeam Cloud Connect storage subscription. It’s essentially another repository in your environment, just hosted with us!

Veeam Cloud Connect DR
If you’re familiar with Veeam you will be familiar with the replication feature. This offers you DR of your VM’s to another host in your local environment. Veeam has taken DR to the cloud and offered replication to the cloud for both Hyper-V and VMware. With this feature, you can perform ‘full site failover’ of all of your protected VMs and also ‘partial site failover’ for individual VMs.

Network Extension Appliance
Following on from the Veeam Cloud Connect Replication brings us onto a great feature. If you had a failure of one of two of the VMs you protect. You don’t want to have to failover both of them to continue to function. The partial failover ability enables you to power on specific VMs on the cloud providers side. With the magic of the source and target network extension appliances, the failed over VM can communicate and function as if it’s in your live environment whilst you resolve the issue with the original VM.

WAN Accelerators
The WAN Accelerator is perfect for your backup copy / replication jobs. It analyses previously copied data blocks and using a global storage cache on the target provider, stores these blocks so they don’t need to be sent across the WAN again. This, therefore, minimizes the amount of traffic needing to be sent to the target and essentially maximizes your potential to squeeze all the capability from your network by sending only the new information.

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