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virtualDCS benefit from growth in Software as a Service

virtualDCS benefit from growth in Software as a Service

Through Software as a Service Businesses are able to glean a number of competitive advantages over traditional licensed software approaches.

With Microsoft and Google leading the way for businesses to securely access data online with new online desktop services such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365, Leeds-based cloud computing hosting company virtualDCS is predicting a dramatic increase in the demand for software delivered over the internet.

Richard May, director at virtualDCS, explained: “The model of delivering applications online is often referred to as software as a service (SaaS). The key word here is ‘service’ because of the benefits it provides to a business.

“These include giving the company the opportunity to ‘pay as you go’ for the use of certain software and there being zero infrastructure costs to ensure that you always run the latest versions.

“SaaS providers utilise ‘cloud computing’, which is to say the software is run on servers located in data centres which are then accessed over the internet. This also means employees can use the software wherever they are based, at any time, which provides the ultimate in flexibility.”

Analyst Gartner is also predicting an explosion in the adoption of SaaS over the next two years, particularly in relation to sales and customer relationship management.

Richard continued: “We have seen a sharp rise in the number of independent software providers approaching us for cloud hosting as it is imperative for them to migrate to the SaaS model and ensure they have as robust a platform as possible.

“By providing them with hosting services at the secure data centres we manage we can ensure that they have the processing power and speed to deliver a consistent service to their customers. Our hosting ensures software providers benefit from increased responsiveness and cost savings whilst our SaaS experience and track record of assisting and enabling application transition to the cloud is second to none.”

Software providers that already use virtualDCS to host their SaaS requirements include postal advice and management company ONEPOST, healthcare practice management business e-clinic and international talent and management consultants Work Group plc.