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virtualDCS complete mini-tour challenge

virtualDCS complete mini-tour challenge

A blog by Nikki Towler, Marketing Executive at virtualDCS.

Wow, what an amazing few weeks it has been for the virtualDCS team!

Charity event - Mini-tour 2013virtualDCS has been working in partnership with Geoff Major from Involve to complete a gruelling challenge and raise money for three excellent charities. These charities were Disability Action Yorkshire, The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and Heart Research UK.

Most of you already know that I have passion for charity fundraising and when we were first introduced to Geoff from Involve I was really keen to work with him, especially when I heard how random and unique his fundraising methods were.

The 2013 mini-tour was a challenging 170 mile bicycle ride which took place over four days. Although this would be challenging in itself, Geoff decided that to make it just a little harder he would do it on a seven seated conference bike, weighing around 1.5 tonnes.

In order to be able to actually move this weight every seat on the bike would need to be purchased (with the money going to charity) on each day of the tour. This is where virtualDCS got involved and the team sponsored a one day event in Leeds to raise awareness for the main tour.

The virtualDCS Leeds event

The day was a great success and I personally ended up cycling 12 miles around the city centre (more than everyone else in the company, I might add). We got some great coverage from local press including The Yorkshire Post, The Yorkshire Evening Post and Radio Aire.

The best part was that we also got an excellent response from the public, cheering us on while taking photographs and videos of the bike. I dread to think about how many bad pictures of me will be online!


Virtual Data Centre Services (virtualDCS)

After such a successful day raising money for charity, how could we not be involved in the main event? We decided to form a ‘mini-tour’ team, consisting of Geoff, myself and the Heart Research UK PR team with the goal of filling up each day of the tour!

As time flies when you are having fun, soon enough the week of the tour came around. Unlike Geoff who completed the full 170 miles (his poor legs) Richard, Peter, Ross and I decided to take it in turns and cycle day 1 of the event from York to Leeds which was approximately 42 miles. Team virtualDCS also acted as support Car for the day, working with the White Knights on Motorcycles.

 virtualDCSWhite Knight

Overall, despite the HUGE hills, it was an amazing experience and virtualDCS helped raise money for three excellent charities.

Check out some of the press responses, below:

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