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virtualDCS hosts e-clinic practice management software

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virtualDCS hosts e-clinic practice management software

Leeds-based cloud computing hosting company virtualDCS is providing a fully managed hosting system to healthcare practice management business e-clinic.

The solution is enabling the delivery of its software over the internet rather than through physical servers.

e-clinice-clinic, which is one of the most popular and highly regarded clinic management systems in the UK, says that the move has allowed the company to maintain a consistent revenue stream and expand into new markets while protecting its critical intellectual property (IP).

Using virtualDCS’s platform, e-clinic is providing its software as a service (SaaS). This is where software is run on servers located in data centres that are then accessed over the internet. This enables the delivery of the software on a subscription basis so the customer doesn’t take ownership of the physical software but instead rents a complete solution that is delivered remotely.

Mark Lainchbury, director at e-clinic, said: “Around the middle of 2010 we noticed a significant increase in the number of sales enquiries coming from outside the UK, and in particular from the Middle East and South Africa, where copyright law is either non-existent or at best, limited.

“We selected virtualDCS to host e-clinic because of the team’s highly professional approach and commitment to data security, which meant that we were confident our IP would be safeguarded while we expanded our international customer base.

“Delivering e-clinic in this way also plays a key role in our growth strategy and we are confident of seeing a 60 per cent increase in our subscription revenue by the end of 2012.”

Other software providers using virtualDCS to host their SaaS requirements include invoice management company ONEPOSTING and international talent and management consultants Work Group plc.

Richard May, director at virtualDCS said: “By hosting the software in our secure data centres we can ensure that e-clinic has the processing power and speed to deliver a consistently high service to its customers.

“Our hosting ensures that software providers benefit from increased responsiveness and cost savings whilst our SaaS experience and track record of assisting and enabling application transition to the cloud is second to none.”

virtualDCS was established in 2008 by Richard May, John Murray and Dan Nichols who were previously architects of the hosting services business for a FTSE-listed IT services provider. They formed virtualDCS to give clarity to cloud computing by confidently delivering robust services underpinned by outstanding levels of client care.