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virtualDCS is a pawsome place to work

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virtualDCS is a pawsome place to work

One of the many reasons I love working at virtualDCS is that we can combine all of our different hobbies and interests into the tasks that we complete every day.

As long as it connects to our company values (and doesn’t make too much of a mess!) the directors are open to all suggestions. To make the most of this, each quarter we now have a different theme that radiates through our office, website and social media.

These themes and events are suggested and voted for by the virtualDCS team, so everyone gets involved. Last quarter we had a giveaway to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with Veeam… this quarter we’re inviting our faithful pets into the workplace!

Each day, more and more animals are being welcomed into the office and with studies confirming that their presence relieves stress in the workplace, why wouldn’t we want our pampered pets with us at work?

How does pet protection and Disaster Recovery combine?

This idea sparked a discussion around if it was actually plausible to bring our animals to work, and ensure their safety in the office – could we keep them safe and content?

virtualdcs disaster recovery awareness

Obviously we don’t want anything but wagging tails and happy squeaks. It made us wonder how many companies actually include office animals in their disaster recovery plan.

In the event of a natural disaster hitting the office, such as office fire or flood, staff safety and data protection are the first thoughts, but where do our animal assistants fit in now they are on the rise?

How do businesses protect these animals from physical and psychological harm? After all, the Animal Welfare Act places a duty of care on people to ensure they take reasonable steps in all the circumstances to meet the welfare needs of their animals.

We decided that office pets also need to be included in the disaster recovery plan and that DR should be about more than just protecting data when a disaster strikes.

It was a unanimous vote where we decided that for the next few months, while we promote our own Disaster Recovery services we’ll also promoting the importance pet protection in a DR plan.

You can help! Join the fun on our Twitter feed.

As an animal mad, self-confessed crazy cat lady, I’m over the moon that we’ve introduced a new pet focus to the office and to kick off our new campaign, we’re having our first official bring your pet to work week!

From the 30th April until the 4th of May, team members will be bringing a different animal assistant into the office each day.

We also want all of our friends and followers to join in the fun, so we’ll be posting regular updates, pictures and office antics on our Twitter profile. We’re also going to be hosting a few competitions, one of which will be to find the best ‘animal assistant’.

You can join in with this, our first competition, by following us on Twitter @virtualDCS, where if you retweet the pinned post and send us a picture of your pet helping you at work or generally causing mayhem.

There are also plans for a caption competition and a ‘guess the number of’ game, so there’s no limit to the cute companions that can be entered… slime, fur and scales are all welcome!

Ready to get started? Just visit our Twitter profile and look out for our posts www.twitter.com/virtualDCS