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virtualDCS is now an Authorised Licence Mobility Partner

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virtualDCS is now an Authorised Licence Mobility Partner

As a Microsoft Authorised Licence Mobility Partner virtualDCS customers can now use their own software licences on our Cloud platform.

Yes, you read correctly… it enables you to use your own licences in the Cloud. To date, your copy of a standard Microsoft open box product Microsoft Licence Mobilitylicense should not have legally been used with a Cloud provider.

Why? Well, according to Microsoft’s terms and conditions you are only allowed to use the licence on equipment that you own and with a Cloud provider you are technically renting the facilities as a service. This unique situation requires a Services Provider Licence Agreement (SPLA) licence.

Now that virtualDCS is an Authorised Licence Mobility Partner, customers that have an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution combined with an eligible active open licence agreement, can legally deploy their software within the Cloud while only using one licence.

Microsoft Software Assurance is also included in some open licence agreements (with the ability to add this feature on to other licences) which enables the business to upgrade to the latest version of an application without occurring additional cost. So, for example when your company purchases the latest version of Microsoft Office and two days later a newer version is released, your business doesn’t have to worry. Consequently, not only does the business benefit financially in this situation but users also have access to the latest Microsoft features and the most efficient software application.

As a virtualDCS customer business operational costs are already reduced through Cloud technology. This new authorisation reduces costs further, as previously the customer would have had to purchase an additional licence for each software application that was accessed through the Cloud, for each user in the company. For no additional cost the user can now increase flexibility and availability from accessing their applications through the Cloud anywhere in the world.

What software is available?

Eligible applications that can be accessed through this new service include:

  • Microsoft SharePoint: enabling users to access and collaborate material remotely
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software
  • Microsoft SQL Server database software
  • Microsoft Lync Server
  • Microsoft System Centre Servers
  • Microsoft Exchange Server

Richard May, Managing Director of virtualDCS said: “virtualDCS is consistently researching into new opportunities and striving to improve our service, so that we can pass these benefits onto our customers. This authorisation could potentially save businesses thousands of pounds each year, on top of their existing savings from migrating to a virtual infrastructure.”

If you would like any additional information on this service and advice on how to receive the most from the Cloud, please contact virtualDCS on 03453 888 327 or email enquiries@virtualDCS.co.uk