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virtualDCS supports Movember

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virtualDCS supports Movember

A blog from Peter Bowers, Sales Director at virtualDCS

I find it intriguing how Movember has become quite a cult following for us men. Providing us with that one and only time of the year where we can legitimately grow a bit of ‘face fuzz’, without too much backlash from the other half.

Well, the virtualDCS office is no exception this month. From barely legal wisps, to full on handlebars that Paul Senior from OCC would be proud of, the virtualDCS men are in full force.

Though let’s not forget the all too serious side of why we take part in Movember. It is not a competition but recognition of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer. With over 40,000 men diagnosed with this disease and one in four British adults experiencing at least one diagnosable mental health problem each year, raising awareness for the cause has never been more important.

It is humbling to see so many of our staff supporting this charity; so please find time to look, laugh and admire at some of our photos. If you can spare a pound or two towards the cause, that is even better.

Please keep checking our blog as we will be updating pictures of our progress every week.

Seriously thinking about keeping mine, though…

Peter Bowers – Sales Director

 Peter's Movember effort

Ross Devine – Head of Support

Ross Devine's Movember effort

Matthew Chamberlain – Support engineer

Matthew's Movember effort

Richard May – Managing Director

Richard's Movember effort

Andrew Cuthbertson – Head of Business Development

Andrew's Movember effort

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