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What makes a good cloud support team?

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What makes a good cloud support team?

At virtualDCS we pride ourselves on our Leeds based IT support team, the solutions and support that they provide. A typical cloud support team doesn’t offer the same comprehensive service that we do. So, how can you make sure you’re receiving the best support possible? We’ve compiled a list of three things for you to look out for.

The customer

cloud supportEach member of the support team needs to know the customer’s organisation inside out; they need to know the architecture, the service and the users. This makes for a swift fix, if any unlikely problems may occur. If you are happy with the service of one support member in particular, feel free to ask to be put through to them.

The product

Likewise, along with knowing the layout of the solution, you need to ensure that the support team understands the product you are using. If your solution requires a new software programme, are you confident that the service provider can support it?


Communication is key; it guides the entire support process and can make or break a support experience. The customer should be able to talk to the person that they want, when they want. All communication channels should be open, there is nothing more frustrating than needing to speak to someone on the telephone but the only option provided is to send an email.

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