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Why outsourcing disaster recovery is more cost effective than moving it in-house

Why outsourcing disaster recovery is more cost effective than moving it in-house

Times are tough. Across every economy and every sector, businesses are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of size, from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs, the pressure is increasing on businesses to tighten their belts.

So where are companies making the cuts? Unfortunately, IT is one of the areas where many companies are trying to make savings. Even as early as summer last year, more than half of US companies had slashed their budgets for technology hardware, software and services due to COVID-19 pressures. According to that study, healthcare, retail and industrial manufacturing were making the biggest cuts to their IT budgets.

Many companies try to reduce their IT costs by bringing their disaster recovery services in-house. Their thinking goes that instead of spending money on an external, third party service provider, it is cheaper to set up your own team and infrastructure internally. In our experience, using an external provider like virtualDCS is actually much more cost effective.

Here’s why.

  1. The cost of not being able to run your business far outweighs the cost of an outsourced DR service

saving money with outsourced cloud computing and Disaster RecoveryIs it possible to put a figure on how much it would cost if you couldn’t run your business for a week due to a data breach? Paying employees to do nothing. Lost orders. A damaged reputation.

The financial risks of not being able to continue your business for an extended period is just too high. If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, it is that being unable to operate for any length of time is hugely damaging.

We have talked in previous blogs about how important it is to invest in a robust and professional disaster recovery system.

Yet, too many internal back up systems are poorly managed or untested. When disaster strikes it takes far too long to restore vital files and systems – and every day down costs your business money. Making a regular investment in a dedicated, professional outsourced solution goes a long way towards mitigating against these kinds of losses.

  1. Investing in your own in-house DR infrastructure isn’t cost effective

Let’s assume you decide to try and implement a full and effective disaster recovery system in-house. The investment required is substantially more than just creating an on-site back up system. You will need to design and build your own off-site facility, ensuring that all of your systems conform to the latest data protection standards. You will need to dedicate resource (both human and financial) to do this. And you will then need to maintain and manage all of these new systems and processes on a regular basis.

When you outsource your disaster recovery service and systems however, all of this is done for you. You’re simply paying a regular fee for access to the latest hardware and infrastructure, as well as up-to-date expertise and a dedicated customer service team.

  1. External providers have access to preferential supplier rates

Disaster Recovery concept - Cloud icon

We have been in the data recovery business for a long time. And we are proud of the trusted relationships that we have built up with our own partners.

So, instead of leaving your in-house IT team to deal directly with an equipment or software supplier, take advantage of the fact that we already have those relationships in place. In addition, the pricing model we have established also makes it much more straightforward for you to forecast ongoing costs.

  1. An external team brings consistency and breadth of service

When it comes to looking after your data and recovering it quickly after an attack, consistency of approach and service is everything.

Why? Because the threats to your data are evolving daily. To counter this, a good external team of disaster recovery experts like ours have their fingers firmly on the pulse. They are connected professionally to networks that rapidly share the latest thinking on keeping your data safe. Their levels of service and of expertise are consistently high.

In contrast, how much spare time does your internal IT team have to stay on top of the latest developments in the industry? The chances are that they are already stretched thinly.

In addition, we don’t just provide disaster recovery services. That means we are also able to offer your business additional value, with advice and support in other areas of cloud computing and data protection.

  1. Service is a priority

Outsourcing your disaster recovery solution to a third party like virtualDCS means you’re paying for the whole package. It is in our interests to look after you and provide the very best service for your people. We have a dedicated service helpdesk who are always on hand to help you out. It’s unlikely that most internal IT teams would be able to match this level of support.

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