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Why should I use Software as a Service?

Why should I use Software as a Service?

There are a vast number of reasons for businesses to use software as a service technology, these benefits also depend on the software itself.

To narrow it down for this short blog, we’ve chosen to discuss the benefits of using a cloud CRM (customer relationship management) solution.

Reduce costs

software as a serviceProviders typically allow customers to pay for their solutions on a subscription basis, usually monthly or quarterly, rather than annually. This reduces both the capital expenditure and the total cost of ownership, whilst also eliminating the requirement to purchase licences outright.

Reduced maintenance

As the software is accessed online, it does not have to be installed locally, therefore all patches and upgrades are managed by the provider, freeing up time for the internal IT department.


One of the benefits of software as a service is that (as long as the user has access to the internet) they can access the CRM system anywhere. This is a great feature when employees need to work on the move. Accessing information before a meeting has never been easier.


With instant updates available and access to project management features, employee collaboration is at its best with the cloud. Depending on the software programme, employees can update team members, receive notifications and share files.

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