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Windows 10 released in July

Windows 10 released in July

Microsoft has just announced that Windows 10 will be released as a free update on 29th July 2015.

This will be the last major release of the operating system, as after 29 years Microsoft will be switching to a cloud ‘Windows as a Service’ system. This will see updates rolled out automatically when ready. In a change of business strategy, the update will be offered to windows 7 and 8.1 customers for free, where previously every major windows operating system has cost over £100.

Windows 10More than 4 million people have recently been testing Windows 10 in the beta stage before the final release with recent reports indicating that there are still multiple glitches to be fixed.

Their official announcement states that “We designed Windows 10 to create a new generation of Windows for the 1.5 billion people using Windows today in 190 countries around the world. With Windows 10, we start delivering on our vision of more personal computing, defined by trust in how we protect and respect your personal information, mobility of the experience across your devices, and natural interactions with your Windows devices, including speech, touch, ink, and holograms.”

By building Cortina into windows 10, Microsoft is rivalling Apple’s Siri and Google’s Now, this is in addition to the software now being available on iPhone and Android devices. Microsoft is also bringing back its popular start menu, along with a new user-friendly design and Microsoft Edge, its new internet browsing software.