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Cloud Computing is the perfect solution for fuel strikes

Cloud Computing is the perfect solution for fuel strikes

Cloud Computing fuel strikesThe potential upcoming fuel strikes are currently the focus of the news, and at the forefront of every driver’s mind, but Cloud Computing can help.

Many people have now started to panic buy, with an ever growing queue of people at Petrol stations around the UK, in an effort to bulk buy and store for a ‘rainy day’.

It is not clear how much fuel is in reserve; however the last petrol strike in 2000 saw these reserves run out quickly and Unite claims that the petrol stores could deplete within a matter of 48 hours of the strike beginning.

So what happens if this petrol reserve runs out? How will UK businesses continue to function? Last year 97% of businesses were affected by the extreme weather, and it has been estimated that severe snow could cost the UK economy up to £1,200,000,000 per day. The Petrol strikes are now recreating a similar situation, so how can companies ensure that they are protected against the effects of the latest strike?

Cloud Computing allows employees to work remotely, while still being able to access all the vital information that they need in order to be productive, ensuring that a business runs successfully no matter what.  Voice as a Service (VaaS) technology even allows users to make and receive calls to and from their direct number, anywhere in the world. Virtualisation technology protects your business from any unforeseen circumstances, and allows employees to work on the move.

As the popularity of the Cloud continues, more and more organisations are realising the benefits of remote working, including overall I.T. cost reductions and enhanced reliability. Last year 59pc of employers offered teleworking to their staff, compared to 14pc in the year 2006, and this percentage is only predicted to continue to increase further.

The founders of virtualDCS have pioneered the development of the Cloud Computing industry for over a decade.  As one of the first companies dedicated to Cloud services in the world, customers are confident that they will only receive the finest solutions. Their approach is to work in partnership with clients to ensure that their infrastructure is ready to exceed the service levels demanded by their business.

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