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virtualDCS wins cloud computing contract with Work Group PLC

virtualDCS wins cloud computing contract with Work Group PLC


Leeds-based cloud computing hosting company virtualDCS has been appointed by global employer marketing and talent management business Work Group plc to handle the migration of its websites to a virtual ‘cloud’ platform to help it reduce costs, become more responsive and lower its carbon footprint.

Work Group plc – which has offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, New York and Hong Kong – offers a range of talent-based consulting services to clients that range from housing associations and global investment banks to emergency services and leading retailers. It aims to reduce the cost of talent acquisition and management by helping organisations establish and maintain stronger relationships with the people it needs to employ.

Andy Grant, IT manager at Work Group plc, said: “We appointed virtualDCS due to its hosting capabilities, secure data centres and high security provisions whilst the unprecedented availability of its services allows us to maintain constant access to our networks at around half the cost of traditional hosting solutions.

“The migration of our websites was a huge undertaking and virtualDCS handled the task with minimal disruption and inconvenience to our customers, which was of utmost importance to us. What’s more, since using the cloud computing services offered by virtualDCS, the company’s need for expensive hardware has dwindled leading to an immediate cut in our capital expenditure. Our energy consumption has also improved, as cloud computing is proven to be more energy efficient than regular network servers.”

virtualDCS was established in 2008 by Richard May and John Murray  who were previously architects of the hosting services business for a FTSE-listed IT services provider. They formed virtualDCS to give clarity to cloud computing by confidently delivering robust services underpinned by outstanding levels of client care.

Richard May, director of virtualDCS, commented: “Due to its continued growth, Work Group recognised that a more cost effective and efficient solution to the increased demand for physical network servers was needed.

“We have provided the company with a secure data centre solution that not only drives down costs, but also allows Work Group to take advantage of dynamic scalability, enhanced data management services and massively improved availability, as well as reducing the company’s carbon footprint.”