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Yorkshire Cloud Computing Company continues to pioneer the IT industry

Yorkshire Cloud Computing Company continues to pioneer the IT industry

Leeds based Disaster Recovery experts, virtualDCS, have now set their sights on empowering IT managers internationally, by offering Veeam Cloud replication services.

This new Disaster Recovery service is currently only being offered by two companies in the UK, acting as an extension for IT departments already using Veeam technology. The service enables IT managers to replicate and protect their data offsite to virtualDCS’ data centres, providing an additional layer of data protection.

Could your business survive without its data?

“With the recent floods throughout Yorkshire, protecting your business information has never been more important,” said Richard May, Managing Director of virtualDCS. Veeam
“Surprisingly, many businesses still don’t realise the significance of offsite replication. Yes, your IT department is storing daily backups, but what happens if a fire or flood destroys the sole location where your data is stored? Our new service helps to alleviate this issue and makes it even simpler for IT departments to manage and maintain their disaster recovery strategies.”

A simple route to protection

When signing up to the solution, IT managers still have full control of their data and backups through the replication application, with the ability to view and restore backups at any time.

Existing Veeam customers can read more and sign up to the service online through the ‘Cloud and Service provider directory’ or by contacting virtualDCS directly on 03453 888 327.