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You are invited to our annual healthy hearts day

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You are invited to our annual healthy hearts day

The virtualDCS team have joined forces with Heart Research UK to raise awareness for the charity, by hosting a corporate healthy hearts day on 11 February.

Cloud computing company virtualDCS is to host a second healthy hearts day with Yorkshire-based national charity Heart Research UK, and this year the team is inviting other small businesses to take part.

The healthy hearts day on 11 February is being held at virtualDCS offices in Kirkstall, Leeds and will begin with an individual (confidential) life assessment with a Heart Research UK team member, where they will complete a range of checks such as BMI and a blood pressure assessment.

They’ll then be given a score between 1 and 40, with tips to improve their lifestyle and decrease the risk of heart disease.

Following all the assessments, Heart Research UK will be leading a series of fun activities, aimed at getting the heart pumping followed by a walk down the Leeds Liverpool Canal (weather permitting).

The event ties in with National Heart Month which runs throughout February when people are being encouraged to make small lifestyle changes that could benefit their heart health.

“We want everyone in our team to have a happy, healthy lifestyle, so hosting a Healthy Hearts day is a fantastic way to help our staff keep a balanced lifestyle, while also supporting a fantastic charity.” said Peter Bowers, sales director at virtualDCS.

Emma Cunningham-Booth, virtualDCS Administration Manager, added: “The thought of letting someone assess my lifestyle was quite daunting at first, but I’m so pleased I did. From the first Healthy Hearts day, I’ve increased my exercise and made more of an effort to lead a healthy lifestyle. People in the office have lost weight and quit smoking, all from just one assessment!“

“We continually rely on the support of businesses and individuals, so we’re grateful for the continued support that virtualDCS provides,” said Heart Research UK Lifestyle Officer, Vicki Litherland. “Events like these help people to improve their lifestyles with a better chance of avoiding serious illnesses like heart disease. It is also a good way of generating awareness for Heart Research UK and gaining new supporters so we can carry on with our important work.”

If you’d like more information or to take part in the day please call virtualDCS on 03453 888 327.

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