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CloudCover K8

Complete Kubernetes protection powered by Veeam technology

Introducing CloudCover K8 for Kubernetes

While Kubernetes provides the high availability and scalability of application services these benefits do not extend to the organisation’s data. This is leaving modern businesses vulnerable to data-loss within the Kubernetes environment. CloudCover K8 can help.

Purpose built: CloudCover K8 was constructed using Cloud-native architectural principles and purpose built for Kubernetes requirements.

Security focused: Access complete end-to-end security and backup data immutability with Ransomware protection.

Simple implementation: CloudCover K8 is quick to deploy using a state-of-the-art management interface.

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CloudCover K8 for Kubernetes holds a number of use cases:

Backup and restore Kubernetes

Backup and Recovery

 Backup and protect your Cloud Native applications and business data.

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Kubernetes Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

 Manage how backups are securely replicated off-site to meet business requirements.

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Application mobility

Move your applications between Clouds or on-premise sites for testing and development.

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Backup and Recovery

Application specific protection

CloudCover K8 enables organisations to extend their workflow and apply application specific operations around their business priorities.

Complete application protection

Automatically capture and protect your entire application stack with CloudCover K8 and utilise a consistent Application to Infrastructure view. 

Policy-based Backups at scale

Manage your backups at scale, with dynamic policies that can apply to auto-discovered applications. 

Ransomware protection

Backup data off-site with immutability and keep recovery paths uncrawlable.

Disaster Recovery

Application specific Disaster Recovery

If volume-level protection isn’t sufficient for your business needs, with CloudCover K8 you can enable protection for application-specific operations.

Automated import and restore

When a new application export is generated, CloudCover K8 can automatically import and restore application changes, saving you valuable time and ensuring up-to-date protection.

Automated workflows

When a new application export is generated, CloudCover K8 can streamline your operations and automatically import and restore any application changes to your DR cluster.

Application Mobility

Infrastructure portability

Avoid vendor lock-in and easily migrate applications across different public or private Cloud infrastructures, including our own UK based ISO 27001 accredited centres. CloudCover K8 offers seamless data conversion between infrastructure formats.

Automated workflows

Easily migrate applications with robust scheduled, on-demand workflows and avoid the need for custom scripting.

Isolated environments

With CloudCover K8 you can enable migration between non-federated clusters to assist with environment isolation and operational controls.

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