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Reduce your IT costs, free space on your primary storage and align your 3-2-1 backup strategy with CloudCover Object Storage.

Supreme object storage and data archiving that works around your organisation.

Businesses are now creating more unstructured data than ever before and this is leaving IT managers with the overwhelming challenge of managing, protecting and recovering this data… while also keeping costs low.

As data grows, so do the storage requirements and many businesses are walking the fine line between risking data loss and investing in costly internal storage solutions.

With CloudCover Object Storage your organisation can store data off-site, in one of our data centres and access the superior benefits of object storage, without the costly investment.

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Be in the know… download our Object Storage price comparison guide.

Our free whitepaper reviews the cost of backup for Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, IBM Object Storage and our own CloudCover Object Storage, through a combination of real-world tests, forecasting and data modelling.


Success with the 3-2-1 backup rule

The recommended 3-2-1 backup rule ensures data is recoverable should an incident occur, and
states organisations should have…

Three copies of data: An organisation should always have
access to three copies of its data. One of these should be the
original content, followed by at least two backups.

Two different storage types: The two copies should be kept on at least two separate storage types. Hardware deteriorates over time and storing two copies on different mediums significantly lowers the risk of data loss.

ONE copy of data off-site: At least one backup of this data should be stored in an off-site location to ensure natural and geographical incidents, such as flooding, fires or power outages don’t prevent data recovery.

An off-site backup also acts as an additional layer of protection against Ransomware. Ransomware crawls through an infected network to find and encrypt data, but as the off-site backup is detached from the network, it is unreachable. When an infection takes hold, this backup remains untouched and can be accessed for fast data restoration.

Leading bodies and industry experts follow the 3-2-1 rule as best practice for data protection and businesses worldwide rely on CloudCover Object Storage as part of their 3-2-1 backup strategy – due to its off-site location, the superior benefits of Object Storage and its flexible integration with popular backup

Predictable pricing with no hidden costs…

Business use cases

CloudCover Object Storage boasts S3 compatible buckets that take Object storage to another level.

Backup and Recovery

Using your existing backup software, such as Veeam, Datto or Zerto you can transfer your data directly to our off-site archive platform and recover it when you need to.

Create custom archiving policies and retention periods, with no date restrictions and unlike other leading object storage providers, we don’t charge you, or your customers, for retrieving data.

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Secure Data Archiving

Immutable storage is ideal for organisations that need to retain sensitive information for compliance purposes, and prove information has not been accessed or tampered with.

CloudCover Object Storage avoids costly hardware purchases, pre-empting future data growth and managing hardware deterioration. 

Free up storage space through offsite archiving & reduce business Cap-Ex.

Ensure legal  compliance and privacy through immutable storage.

Safeguard data privacy with an additional layer of file-level encryption.

Transparent pricing: Unlike others, we don’t charge you to access your data.

Predictable pricing with no hidden costs


Other providers including AWS, Azure and Google charge customers for every data operation performed. Every read, every write, every delete. Even the simple generation of a list is charged for. 

These costs are unpredictable and in many instances, form a larger part of the bill than the at-rest storage does itself.

With CloudCover 365 Object Storage, there is no charge (or cap) on data transfers to our platform, allowing for reliable, predictable monthly billing.


As with transaction charges, some cloud providers also charge for outbound data requests.

In essence, the storage provider is also charging you an additional fee and the cost of it is dependant on how much data your organisation updates and how many restores you need to make. Again, these charges make it almost impossible to accurately predict your monthly bill.

virtualDCS believes that your data is yours to access and manage, no matter where it is stored, which is why we don’t charge for outbound data transactions. 

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– Leading provider price comparison: Azure, AWS and Microsoft vs CloudCover 365

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