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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Business Continuity can often be thought of as complex, time-consuming and expensive, but this is not the case with Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Disaster Recovery based around your business requirements. 

Whether its protection against file corruption, natural disasters, data deletion or full server failures, businesses should have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution in place. As businesses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, we offer several Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions that can be tailored towards your specific requirements.


How quickly could you restore business operations after a disaster?

Utilising custom Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives, virtualDCS can help ensure your organisation’s IT systems are safeguarded and quickly recoverable in any disaster scenario, from critical applications to infrastructure and data. 

virtualDCS’ Cloud-based Disaster Recovery solutions can also help your IT department to save time and reduce internal costs, while also accessing best of breed platforms in UK based ISO 27001 data centres.


Our Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions are divided under the following categories:

Take advantage of consistent replication and data resilience by replicating your data off-site to our managed Azure platform.

Take advantage of our Azure and business continuity expertise to ensure your data is quickly recoverable in the event of an outage.


Veeam Cloud Connect Replication enables you to have a complete Hybrid DR plan, controlled from one central console, with customisable RPOs and RTOs.

It is a simple, quick and secure Disaster Recovery solution that can be activated as an extension of your existing Veeam software.


CloudCover CDP offers ‘always on’ replication technology, replicating each data change to one of our secure off-site data centres, in near real-time. 

Organisations can take advantage of low recovery point objectives (RPO), fast configuration and consistent data protection with no scheduling or impact on workloads.


We believe in transparency and making things simple. This is why we’ve put together a range of pricing tools to help you estimate how much our data protection solutions would cost.

We do, however, suggest that you take advantage of our free trials and experienced consultants to ensure that you get an accurate cost, while also experiencing our first class service.


Have questions? We’re happy to answer them.