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CloudCover CDP

Continuous Data Protection for critical workloads with CloudCover CDP.

Why use Continuous Data Protection (CDP)?

Backup and replication has been an essential part of a well thought out IT infrastructure for a long time, but technologies, such as tape (and in some cases even cloud backup) are struggling to meet the complex business and digital transformation requirements of today.

Many organisations today can’t afford any amount of data loss, and even a recovery point objective of an hour could be detrimental. This is where CloudCover CDP can help, with its ‘always on’ replication technology.

Always on replication

CloudCover CDP uses ‘always on replication’ technology, meaning that each data change is instantly replicated to one of our secure off-site data centres, as it happens. This means you never have to worry about losing a sales transaction, delivery note, patient record, or any other record again.





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Why CloudCover CDP?

The real-time nature of CloudCover CDP means that your data loss can be measured in seconds providing a very low RPO.

Cloud backup and tape-based solutions can be likened to a camera, where a snapshot takes a picture at a specific point in time, and the organisation reverts to this picture. On the other hand, CloudCover CDP works similarly to a video camera, continuously recording changes in your environment.

This means businesses can take advantage of: 
• Off-site data protection for your organisation
• No capital expenditure or management fees for seldom-used hardware
• Lower recovery point objectives (RPO)
• Constant protection with no scheduling
• Can be set up in minutes

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