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A Software as a Service Enterprise success story

Introducing e-clinic

e-clinic has been providing practice management software to the healthcare industry for over 15 years.

Its software is available in three tiers and is designed to improve the productivity of healthcare institutions. Some of its features include fast and simple appointment booking, online credit card processing and the ability to store photographs, create letters and send emails and texts all from within the system itself.

e clinic

The situation

Mark Lainchbury, Managing Director of e-clinic said: “In 2010 we started to receive a significant amount of interest for our software, especially from South Africa and the Middle East, where copyright law is dubious or very limited. Although we wanted to continue to grow our revenue stream we were concerned about protecting our intellectual property.

Through a Software as a Service solution with virtualDCS, e-clinic could ensure that our software remained secure, while still expanding into these international markets.”

The response:

“We chose to work with virtualDCS as its solution not only guaranteed the security of our software but also provided us with a consistently high level of availability, which is vital to our service.”

e-clinic undertook a Software as a Service enablement trial, which gave the company access to free evaluation servers, to test out the solution in practice before committing. 

From this stage, e-clinic could then upgrade or downgrade its resources as required, depending on the number of customers accessing its software through the cloud. virtualDCS also offered e-clinic both technical and business consultations to guarantee a successful migration. 

The result:

Richard May, Managing Director at virtualDCS said: “One of our key goals is to provide the best facilities and technology available on the market, in order to help our customers grow successfully. 

We also want customers to feel confident in their hosting solution, which is why we offer this free trial package and support throughout the installation.”

This SaaS deployment solution is now a key feature in e-clinic’s growth strategy and through Cloud technology the business has grown from strength to strength, attracting a variety of customers worldwide.

e clinic saas software as a service

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