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The Cloud Computing experts

Could you resell cloud computing? Here are the top 3 opportunities for Veeam resellers

Already familiar with Veeam Cloud Computing services within your own business? Delivering IT solutions or cloud services to clients? Why not become a Veeam partner and resell cloud computing services? It’s the next logical step, allowing you to share your expertise and help your clients further. Here is a run-down of some of the biggest…
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Growth of cloud computing in Yorkshire and how I use the cloud for business

Guest blog post by Jonny Ross, digital strategist and digital marketing speaker, Fleek Marketing. Jonny discusses the growth of Cloud Computing in Yorkshire and how he uses cloud computing for business. The UK’s Cloud Industry Forum reports that by 2016, four out of every five UK organisations had adopted at least one cloud application. My…
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How SMEs and IT startups can lead on employee engagement

Large IT and digital companies have always been at the forefront of employee engagement. Google is well known for its creatively designed offices and innovation labs, and Apple brings colleagues together by supporting and developing their tech side projects. But what if your IT company or team wants to promote employee engagement, creativity and innovation…
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The Office 365 backup gaps you didn’t know about

If you’re relying on the native Microsoft backup in Office 365, you’ll really want to read on! Businesses across the globe are now “seeing the light in the cloud” and moving their onsite exchange environments over to Microsoft Office 365. But many of these businesses are then relying on the native backup within MS Office…
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virtualDCS Exclusive Portal Launch For Veeam & Microsoft Office 365

Portal Launch For Veeam & Microsoft Office 365. Date: Thursday 11th April at The Lost & Found Club, Leeds. Spring is looming and as new beginnings are on the horizon, so is the release of our exclusive Microsoft Office 365 & Veeam Portal. After months of hard work and testing, we have successfully created a…
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4 biggest challenges for IT Managers today

virtualDCS has recently celebrated its ten year anniversary, and for us it’s been both a time of reflection and a time for looking ahead to what the next ten years might bring in the cloud. We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved so far. What started out as a few conversations in a coffee shop…
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Simple 5-Step Disaster Recovery Planning Process for SMEs

The start of a new year is a great time to review your IT infrastructure and plan ahead for future business challenges. Effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning are vital to protect against major outages and other disasters. How robust are your Disaster Recovery plan and systems? In a previous blog post, we discussed…
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