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The Cloud Computing experts

virtualDCS shortlisted for the Yorkshire Micro Graduate Employer of the year award

Cloud Computing experts virtualDCS have been shortlisted for the Micro Graduate Employer of the year award, for their commitment to graduate growth within the Yorkshire region.

Placement student joins virtualDCS

virtualDCS welcome Sam Weatherhead to the company in a support team position, as virtualDCS continue to boost the Yorkshire economy.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

A cloud disaster recovery plan (DRP) aka business continuity plan (BCP) aka business process contingency plan (BPCP) is a plan that details how an organization will deal with potential disasters. A disaster is an event that makes the continuation of normal functioning of the organisation impossible, so the DRP consists of the measures to ensure…
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Disaster Recovery: Protect your business with virtualDCS

In an effort to protect business data from future flooding, virtualDCS has created a Disaster Recovery promotion, offering 10% off all DR solutions.

Cloud Computing wins Gold at the Olympics

With the Olympic Games on the horizon there are growing concerns about disruptions to the UK economy. How can Cloud Computing help in this situation?

An introduction to Private Clouds

The virtualDCS team provide an introduction to Private Clouds technology and solutions

Software Escrow: Is Escrow dead?

virtualDCS has officially released¬†its latest white paper, exploring the evolution of Software Escrow. The white paper aims to give readers an insight into the complications of a traditional Escrow solution, with a view to avoiding the issues explored. The paper provides insightful statistics on topics such as Cloud Computing adoption. Along with discussing the business…
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