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A day in the life of an apprentice

A blog by Megan Barnett, Business Administration Apprentice at virtualDCS. You make decisions every single day, and throughout your lifetime you are guaranteed to make more decisions than the number of years you live. However, I believe, a notable milestone in life and one of the most critical choices a young person can make when…
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Are you a SaaS hero? It’s all about the customer service.

With the right team, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a simple and effective distribution model, but you still need excellent customer service to help you stand out from the crowd. By 2020, Gartner estimates that the cloud computing industry will be worth $390B and SaaS will be leading this growth with an 18% compound…
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Veeam Cloud Connect – Downloading and Applying Config File for OpenVPN

In this section, I am going to summarise how to download the config file for an Endpoint and how to apply it within the OpenVPN GUI. Firstly, let us download the config file from the Veeam PN web portal. This can be done by the administrator under the ‘CLIENTS’ section of the portal. The ‘Download’…
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Configuring your Failover Plan to include the Veeam PN appliance

Once you are happy your Veeam PN portal is configured correctly, containing all of your required devices and IP address configurations you can start configuring your Failover Plan. The appliance will first need to be replicated successfully to your Veeam Cloud Connect Service Provider. I have found that due to it being a Linux VM,…
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Veeam Cloud Connect PN configuration

Now your network has been setup, you need to browse to the IP of the appliance in a web browser to begin the Veeam PN configuration. In the second blog of the Veeam series, we’ll be discussing the Veeam PN configuration. This procedure will include creating a ‘Self-Signed Certificate’ and specifying your network ranges for…
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Veeam Cloud Connect – Veeam PN Setup Configuration

Veeam PN can be used as a VPN for DR access for Veeam Cloud Connect. In this guide, I will walk through the steps to download, install and configure the appliance. It will then be replicated to your Veeam Cloud Connect provider and pre-configured by YOU, ready for any failovers. This is a four-step guide,…
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Top challenges for software developers

As a SaaS hero, we’re sure you’ve encountered and defeated your fair share of challenges when it comes to developing and hosting your application online. Over the last few years online software hosting has grown from strength to strength and is now undoubtedly the fastest growing element under the cloud computing umbrella. This staggering growth…
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