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Best practices for testing your disaster recovery plan

Testing a disaster recovery plan is critical to any successful business continuity strategy. Without regular testing, businesses can’t be certain that in the event of an incident all critical files can be recovered, so to help we’ve compiled some useful tips to help ensure that your organisation benefits from disaster recovery planning. Set goals and…
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Why cloud disaster recovery?

Regardless of the industry or size of your business, preserving your data is critical to its survival. 93% of organisations that lose data due to an incident are bankrupt within two years. Traditional continuity methods have been proven to be expensive, difficult to manage and increasingly unreliable. Cloud backup is now a more popular and efficient…
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Do you know where your cloud backups are stored?

For an IT manager, a comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution involves successfully orchestrating a number of elements, however, one valuable piece often overlooked is storage location. Even though your information is stored in the cloud, data and backups still need to be stored on a platform, in a physical location. With the cloud industry becoming increasingly…
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How to perform a Veeam Cloud Connect partial failover

In the event of a disaster, utilising Veeam Cloud Connect ensures that data can be accessible again within a matter of minutes. When a customer replicates to our platform they have two options for failing over VMs, these are full or partial failovers. What’s the difference between full and partial failovers with Veeam Cloud Connect?…
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How to create failover plans with Veeam Cloud Connect

When using Veeam Cloud Connect replication, to protect your critical VMs and initiate a smooth full site failover, you need a failover plan in place. This blog outlines the steps and configuration needed to create the failover plan on the customer’s Backup & Replication console. First, navigate to the ‘Backup & Replication’ tab and then…
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How frequently should you test your Disaster Recovery strategy?

Creating a Disaster Recovery plan is essential, yet despite this fact, half of recovery plans are tested less than once a year. Recent findings suggest that businesses still fail to realise that for a Disaster Recovery(DR) plan to be effective, it needs to be regularly tested. When creating its latest Infographic, CloudVelox uncovered that infrequent…
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How the cloud has improved Disaster Recovery

Taking advantage of the cloud makes Disaster Recovery solutions more cost effective and reliable. It’s now crystal clear for businesses that in order for organisations to survive a Disaster Recovery incident, they need a strong Business Continuity plan in place. After all, only 6% of businesses that experience downtime without a plan will survive long…
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