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Could your business survive if your office didn’t?

It’s hard to imagine losing your entire physical business and everything inside it, but unfortunately for many unprepared businesses this is often a reality. You can avoid this with a Disaster Recovery plan. In 2014, there were eight climate related events which caused losses of over $1 billion in the United States. Naturally, these catastrophic…
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Protecting your business against Cyber crime

Cyber crime is an increasing threat and concern for business owners. Large scale hackings on organisations such as Sony, Microsoft and the US Government have been all over the news, but cyber crime damages companies of all shapes and sizes. This blog contains advice on how your business can lower the risk of being hacked…
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Ransomware as a Service discovered

Anyone can now become a cyber-criminal thanks to a new Ransomware as a Service tool discovered on the ‘darknet’ by researchers at McAfee. The latest advance puts even more pressure on organisations to ensure the safety of their information. The tool (branded Tox) lets anybody, regardless of their technical ability, automatically create ransomware software. This…
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Cloud security tips for small businesses

For small businesses, the cloud is a simple and low cost method of maintaining an effective IT infrastructure. Unfortunately adoption is hindered by a rumoured lack of cloud security. For SMEs the cloud is actually in fact a much safer alternative to other low cost IT solutions. Here are four additional measures that small businesses…
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IT Security in 2015

I’m sure that you don’t need to be told how important IT security is to both businesses and individuals, however, some organisations are still failing to protect information. A recent infographic from Entechus has brought some scary statistics into light, including: Cyber-attacks on SME’s have increased by 300% in the last year. 1 out of…
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Should you be using the Cloud?

Leeds cloud computing provider virtualDCS, is often asked the question ‘HOW do I know if I need cloud computing? To answer this question, we ask a few questions in return. While cloud-based technologies are growing in popularity for SME’s, some organisations still haven’t migrated to the cloud.  Most SMEs don’t have the finances to be…
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Phishing scams catch victims in minutes

A recent report compiled by Verizon analyses around 80,000 security incidents that took place in 2014. The report found that 25% of companies that receive a phishing email were likely to open it. Phishing is defined as the attempt to acquire sensitive or private information such as passwords, credit card details and usernames, by masquerading…
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