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The Cloud Computing experts

Cloud Computing for start-up businesses

Technology can help a start-up business thrive, but few know that it can also harm the business if you are unable to keep up with its latest advances. For start-ups, the cloud is undoubtedly much cheaper and easier to use, with automatic patching and upgrades protecting users from the latest threats. Typically start-ups do not…
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Gmail users hit by software glitch

Gmail users globally saw errors and warnings over the weekend as Google technicians forgot to update a key part of its messaging software. Expired security certificate error messages started to appear on the 4th April, affecting people trying to send emails or messages from some of Google’s apps. Google became aware of the issue when…
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Disaster Recovery: Don’t fail to protect your business.

A recent survey by Timico, has brought to light the tremendous financial costs that IT managers are facing when their business is subject to an unexpected downtime. Out of the managers surveyed, 37% estimated that the cost per minute of downtime that they face is around £10,000 to £20,000. Imagine if one of these organisations…
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Enterprise Cloud migration tips

Enterprise Cloud migration tips I’m sure you are already aware that migrating your IT facilities to the cloud has an array of advantages. The two most popular being the ability to access business data from any location and the simplicity of upgrading storage when required, without the worry of capital expenditure. Many blogs explore these…
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Microsoft stops its Small Business Server offering

In July 2012 Microsoft announced that their new server 2012 platform will exclude a Small Business Server (SBS) offering.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

A cloud disaster recovery plan (DRP) aka business continuity plan (BCP) aka business process contingency plan (BPCP) is a plan that details how an organization will deal with potential disasters. A disaster is an event that makes the continuation of normal functioning of the organisation impossible, so the DRP consists of the measures to ensure…
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Disaster Recovery: Protect your business with virtualDCS

In an effort to protect business data from future flooding, virtualDCS has created a Disaster Recovery promotion, offering 10% off all DR solutions.