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Category: Cloud Hosting

4 biggest challenges for IT Managers today

virtualDCS has recently celebrated its ten year anniversary, and for us it’s been both a time of reflection and a time for looking ahead to what the next ten years might bring in the cloud. We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved so far. What started out as a few conversations in a coffee shop…
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The cloud can help your business grow in 2018

Since its conception, the cloud has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes access a range of solutions and resources that were previously unavailable to them. These benefits can directly impact an organisations growth in a number of ways. Reduced costs and growth management Overall, the cloud is much more cost-effective than traditional infrastructure solutions,…
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An IT manager needs to be a master of all trades

Working with the cloud experts, I’ve seen from experience that IT managers are not just technology facilitators and the IT department doesn’t just deliver a solution. In many cases, IT departments now have to act as a business themselves. They have to utilise technology to keep up with competition, continually assess the market and deliver…
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How to help your customers grow with SaaS

Customer growth in any industry is important, but for a software developer, customer success could now be the difference between their own triumph and failure. There are a number of factors that make a software house successful, but customer happiness has to be the number one priority. With SaaS, customer issues and growth can impact…
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An introduction to Big Data – the basics, the benefits and the security.

‘Big Data’ is a concept so prominent that it has implications for everyone, from your Grandma to your CEO. With the data centres of today occupying an area of land equal in size to almost 6,000 football fields, the world of technology is thriving. Advancements in cloud technology along with the easy access to the…
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Are you a SaaS hero? It’s all about the customer service.

With the right team, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a simple and effective distribution model, but you still need excellent customer service to help you stand out from the crowd. By 2020, Gartner estimates that the cloud computing industry will be worth $390B and SaaS will be leading this growth with an 18% compound…
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Top challenges for software developers

As a SaaS hero, we’re sure you’ve encountered and defeated your fair share of challenges when it comes to developing and hosting your application online. Over the last few years online software hosting has grown from strength to strength and is now undoubtedly the fastest growing element under the cloud computing umbrella. This staggering growth…
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