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Seminar: Oracle VMware licensing

VMware is sponsoring a webinar to address the confusion of Oracle VMware licencing on VMware platforms. The event will take place on Thursday 19th March 2015, from 7PM GMT. Every day, thousands of customers are using VMware virtualisation technology to run their Business Critical Applications and at the centre of these applications is the Oracle…
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New hacking report released

A new hacking report from FireEye suggests that hackers are becoming increasingly smarter in the ways they are accessing IT systems. There is an increased trend in cyber-attackers using impersonation and social engineering to access information from employees. In the last year alone, large organisations such as Target and Sony have been struck by separate…
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New fingerprint authentication for banks

In an industry first, RBS and Natwest have announced that its customers can now access their bank accounts on their smartphone, only using fingerprint recognition technology. Using existing Apple technology, this is currently available to around 880,000 customers using iPhone, 5s, 6 and 6 plus smartphones. The banks have released the new login system in…
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Should two factor authentication be the norm?

Having a username and password has traditionally been the standard authentication strategy, but in light of the latest industry developments and vulnerabilities, should businesses apply two factor authentication as the default login process? A recent flood of hackings has thrown traditional data protection methods under scrutiny, particularly after health insurance company Anthem was targeted, exposing…
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Ensuring your private cloud is a success

Gartner analyst Tom Bitman recently posted a blog on the top six reasons that private clouds fail to work. He states that 95% respondents in a recent Gartner survey said that some aspect of their private cloud had gone wrong.  The responses were as follows. We decided to take put a positive spin on this…
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3 Business Reasons to migrate to the cloud

Choosing to migrate to the cloud not only has technology benefits, but it also provides compelling business advantages. Companies are increasingly under pressure to do more, while spending less and the cloud enables organisations to do just that. If not through the elimination of redundant hardware but through the ability for users to pay only for…
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How to compete in the Cloud in 2015

As the Cloud has now entered the teenage years, businesses are increasingly comfortable with utilising virtualisation technology. Consequently in an effort to generate profit through a new trend, hundreds of new Service providers are entering the market each month, offering Cloud based solutions such as Disaster Recovery, Software as a Service and Voice as a…
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