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Google Play apps infect devices

For those who are unsure, malware is an abbreviated term for ‘malicious software’, software specifically created to enter or damage a device without the user knowing; often stealing personal information on the way. Malware creation is on the rise due to the profitability it generates for criminals. BYOD (bring your own device) plans could also…
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RansomWeb: Could your website be held ransom?

Criminals have now started to hold websites hostage and demand hundreds of pounds to release them, using RansomWeb. The new RansomWeb trend sees hackers breaking into a website, taking control of a site’s encryption system and changing the keys. The Guardian describes the process as being similar to burglars breaking into a house, changing all…
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What makes a good cloud support team?

At virtualDCS we pride ourselves on our Leeds based IT support team, the solutions and support that they provide. A typical cloud support team doesn’t offer the same comprehensive service that we do. So, how can you make sure you’re receiving the best support possible? We’ve compiled a list of three things for you to look out for.…
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iTunes Connect, connects too many people

If you’ve not heard of Connect before, iTunes Connect lets developers upload new apps to the App store and track sales and income of existing applications. Yesterday, there was an error with the service, which resulted in many developers being unintentionally logged in to the wrong account, threatening the stability and privacy of all businesses…
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Cloud Computing vs Snow

When anyone says, “It’s snowing!” IT managers and directors often shudder. It is estimated that severe snow could cost the UK economy around £1,200,000,000 each day. With cancelled public transport and road accidents, many employees struggle to travel to work, and half of managers see the weather as a threat to their business. Thanks to…
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Facebook struck by latest social network outage

On Tuesday 27th January, Facebook suffered a worldwide outage. For around 40 minutes the website was completely inaccessible, disrupting the websites 1.3 billion users. Individuals were also reporting issues while using Instagram (which has a further 300 million users) and the dating application Tinder. Initially credit was given to the Hacker group Lizard Squad, when they posted…
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SaaS: Are Software companies taking over the World?

A blog by Richard May Being a bit of a Sci-Fi fan, I just want to plant a few images in your head before getting on to the techie stuff. In Doctor Who and ‘Rise of the Cybermen’ everyone was buying the same mobile ear piece, which ended up with the populous being controlled. ‘Gamer’,…
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