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123-reg deletes customer websites

The website hosting firm 123-reg, which currently supports 1.7 million websites throughout the UK, has accidentally deleted a number of its customers’ websites while undergoing server maintenance. According to reports it’s not yet clear how many websites have been deleted during the incident, with the firm stating that: “We can conclude that the issues faced…
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Google apologises for latest cloud outage

On Monday, Google’s cloud services went offline, leaving customers unable to access services for 18 minutes. Google has now announced that it will refund its affected customers in credits for the problem, after investigations confirmed that the issue was caused by Google engineers performing a network update to their systems. In the recent company statement,…
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Cloud Computing estimates for 2016

As Quarter 1 has now come to a close, there has been a flurry of new market predictions and estimates coming to light. This blog recaps a few of the latest, most intriguing Cloud Computing predictions for the rest of 2016 and beyond. Microsoft Microsoft’s Cloud landscape update anticipates that Worldwide Public IT Cloud services…
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Cloud confusion for schools

The UK’s data watchdog has now informed schools that they do not need to abandon leading cloud services, despite fears over legality. This new statement follows an email which was sent to educators in a London borough by their IT chief, advising them to stop using Dropbox and other applicable cloud products. This is after…
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TalkTalk cyber-attack leads to a call for new regulatory powers

Experts have said that regulators must be given significant powers in order to attack the escalating issue of online fraud within the UK. The urge for change arises after millions of customers had their data stolen from the communications company, TalkTalk. A breach which could cause issues for its victims that will last for years…
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New research into employee cloud storage trends

WinMagic research has revealed that two thirds of employees don’t know their employers company policy on cloud storage. This lack of information is putting business data at risk of compromise. The survey questioned 1,000 office workers that were employed at organisations with 50 or more employees. 41% of respondents said that they use cloud computing…
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Apple faces patent damage charges

A jury has decided that technology which improved processor efficiency in Apple products actually belonged to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, not Apple. Consequently, Apple could face fines in damages of up to $862 million after the Jury found that the company used the technology without permission of the University’s licensing arm. The patent was filed…
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