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The Cloud Computing experts

Facebook service outage

Facebook has now restored access to its website after a 40-minute outage – the second time in a week. Users were banging their heads on keyboards yesterday evening after Facebook was unavailable for 40 minutes. Users simply saw an error message that read “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it…
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iOS 9 adblocker app success

Peace has now become the number one paid application in the US, less than a day after its launch. The $2.99 ad-blocking application was created by former Tumblr engineer Marco Arment and currently sits at first place in the iOS paid apps. A similar application called Purify, which was created by developer Chris Aljoudi, is…
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15% increase in SME cloud computing adoption

Cloud computing adoption among small and medium sized businesses within the UK has increased by 15% in the last year, according to recent statistics.   These figures were discovered by joint research from BT Business and the British Chambers of Commerce and were part of a wider survey, examining how UK SMEs benefit from technology.…
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Bind DNS bug disrupts sites

Hackers are exploiting a flaw in the Internet’s architecture, targeting systems which convert URLs into IP addresses. According to the finder, exploiting the vulnerability would allow hackers to launch denial of service attacks on websites and potentially force them offline and threaten the smooth running of Internet services. The weakness comes from a variety of…
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Cloud Computing soars in 2015

Cloud Computing is currently the fastest growing division of IT infrastructure spending in the world. The latest report from IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Infrastructure Tracker states that total cloud IT infrastructure spending will grow by 26.4% and reach a value of $33.4 billion by the end of 2015. Within these statistics, Private Cloud infrastructures are estimated…
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MMS bug affects 1 billion Android phones

Hackers are able to send malicious code, hidden within a multimedia message, in order to access an Andriod service called Stagefright. Hackers are able to send the code via MMS to access the Stagefright service, without any action from the recipient. After stagefright has been accessed other data and applications on the handset can then…
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Internet companies face HMRC tax crackdown

Internet companies may have to provide further information to the HM Revenue on customers that sell goods and services online. The HMRC wants to target individuals who fail to declare any money they make online or businesses that have failed to register for tax. According to the organisation, this hidden economy could equate to around…
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