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Ransomware as a Service discovered

Anyone can now become a cyber-criminal thanks to a new Ransomware as a Service tool discovered on the ‘darknet’ by researchers at McAfee. The latest advance puts even more pressure on organisations to ensure the safety of their information. The tool (branded Tox) lets anybody, regardless of their technical ability, automatically create ransomware software. This…
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iPhone text bug hits Twitter and Snapchat

Apple’s text messaging bug currently crashes iPhones when the handset receives a text with certain characters from Arabic, Chinese and Marathi languages. The characters are a specific sequence that choke Apple’s core text system, crashing the recipient’s device. Consequently, the bug also crashes iPhone, iPad, Apple watches and Macs. It has now been discovered that…
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Job predictions for wearable technology

Wearable technology is an ever expanding industry with endless possibilities for both businesses and consumers. In 2014 alone, 10million wearable devices were sold throughout the world, representing a $3 billion market and this is only estimated to continue. Wearable technology is also set to obliterate modern issues, such as urban congestion and low productivity. Cloud…
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Hackers hit IRS

On Tuesday 26th May, the IRS (Inland Revenue service) admitted that it had been the target of a breach compromising 100,000 tax payers in America. The service has now temporarily been shut down, however, the breach took place between February and May 2015. The IRS has stated that the attackers have gained full access to…
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MSpy hacked and data stolen

Mspy – a company that provides software that enables people to spy on the activity of others has been hacked.  Thousands of customer records are now available online. The mSpy software is targeted at parents who are worried about what their children are doing online, however the software is also used for more ethically questionable…
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Google ignored security vulnerabilities

The security company ‘Security Explorations’ has uncovered what it claims are vulnerabilities in the Google App engines for Java. The team was able to bypass the existing Java security settings completely and the organisation has since released the full details of these flaws (including proof), after it has claimed that Google has ignored the security…
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Invisible wearable technology

Research by Gartner has backed claims that microscopic sensor technology is the way forward, and will change our relationship with wearable technology forever. In the company’s annual customer devices report, Gartner states that they believe by 2017, 30% of wearable technology will go unnoticed by the naked eye. The report hints that organisations should stay away…
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