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Telstra breaches privacy laws

The company refused to give a customer his Meta data, but an Australian privacy commissioner has ruled that the organisation must now provide the information within 10 days. Ben Grubb, A Fairfax journalist has been in a two year battle to access the details of his web metadata and phone information from the company. Although…
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American Airlines grounded by iPad app error

A faulty application caused dozens of the American Airline Aeroplanes to be grounded, causing some departure delays last night and this morning. The pilots and co-pilots use the application to view flight plans, as the organisation went paperless in 2013 in order to save staff carrying around paperwork. The move to a paperless organisation was also…
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Yahoo tests ear-based identification systems for smartphones

Yahoo is currently working on a method of unlocking your mobile phone through ear-print technology. Fingerprint scanners on mobile devices are increasingly popular, although they can be costly to manufacture. Yahoo is looking to use a phone’s touch screen to identify users and by looking into new methods of authentication, consequently technology prices will also…
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Google launches mobile network

Google has announced plans to run a mobile phone network in the US. In its trial period, ‘project Fi’ will only be offered to Nexus 6 handset owners, as the firm will rent voice and data capacity from two existing rivals, T-Mobile and Sprint. They will also be using existing wi-fi spots rather than creating…
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Gartner survey: Top 5 business priorities in 2015

Once again, the Gartner CEO and senior business executive survey has concluded with some interesting findings. The Gartner survey was conducted over the last quarter of 2014, asking questions about 2015 and 2016 to 400 senior business leaders in user organisations worldwide. The majority of these organisations had an annual revenue of $1 billion or…
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Tesco broadband outage

Yesterday Tesco confirmed that its broadband service was suffering outages across the UK. Tesco broadband customers have flooded social media channels with complaints. The organisation supplies a broadband connection to around 75,000 customers, with around 10,000 of these being inconvenienced by the outage, all over the country. The company is in the process of selling…
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21st century technology trends

When historians and students look back on the 21st century, what will they list as the highlights? Wearable cloud technology? Wars, natural disasters and political turning points will naturally always be the main features of any history book, but what will be said about cloud computing technology and our technological developments? If the Internet was…
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