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Your disaster recovery plan could be missing a vital element

Your company could have the most comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan in place, with documentation prepared for every possible outcome… but at the end of the day, the success of the recovery relies on your employees. The best-crafted plans are always going to fail if your team doesn’t understand them or forgets them. Departmental…
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Why offsite backup?

If you don’t protect your data offsite, or have have an offsite backup plan in place, then you may as well not be backing up at all. In today’s cloud forward environment, it still surprises me how many organisations rely on ‘traditional’ methods such as tape backups and USB devices to duplicate and protect their…
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virtualDCS hosts a competition to celebrate 10 years of collaboration with Veeam

For virtualDCS, 2018 marks 10 years of utilising Veeam software to provide innovative backup and replication services to businesses worldwide. A decade on from when the relationship first began, virtualDCS is now one of the most established Veeam Cloud Recovery providers in Europe and one of the very first businesses to offer Cloud Connect to…
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Five practices to AVOID in Business Continuity

More often than not, the cause of Business Continuity failure can be pinpointed down to two elements. We speak from experience when we say that a well thought out Business Continuity plan should be at the heart of every organisation, but unfortunately, the majority of failed recovery plans are down to a lack of preparation.…
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Veeam and virtualDCS – The new defence against Ransomware

In case you haven’t already heard, Veeam has just announced a brand new feature that when paired with virtualDCS, will give organisations a new layer of protection in the war against Ransomware. In 2017 anyone remotely connected to the IT landscape knows about the threat of ransomware, with two of the most prominent strains in…
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Veeam Cloud Connect – Downloading and Applying Config File for OpenVPN

In this section, I am going to summarise how to download the config file for an Endpoint and how to apply it within the OpenVPN GUI. Firstly, let us download the config file from the Veeam PN web portal. This can be done by the administrator under the ‘CLIENTS’ section of the portal. The ‘Download’…
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Configuring your Failover Plan to include the Veeam PN appliance

Once you are happy your Veeam PN portal is configured correctly, containing all of your required devices and IP address configurations you can start configuring your Failover Plan. The appliance will first need to be replicated successfully to your Veeam Cloud Connect Service Provider. I have found that due to it being a Linux VM,…
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