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Disaster Recovery in three steps

Protecting your business information is as easy as 1, 2, 3. So why not this year the year your business finally protects its assets? Did you know that according to FEMA, almost 40% of SMBs never reopen following a disaster? With new innovations such as Veeam Cloud Connect, there’s no excuse not to protect your…
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Its time to check your DR strategy

Here are some scenarios that will make you want to run and check your Disaster Recovery strategy.  Ignorance is bliss and at some point in life you’ll have said to yourself ‘that won’t happen to me’. Usually the consequences of these things actually happening are minimal, but for businesses, losing all your data can be catastrophic. For those who…
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It’s time to review your Disaster Recovery communications plan

The most frequently overlooked part of any Disaster Recovery strategy is the management of public and employee communication. If there’s no plan in place, not only could your business lose customers and tarnish its reputation, but it could also unknowingly cause widespread panic. Tech Republic has recently published a fantastic example of this, where a…
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Could your backup strategy survive a cyber attack?

As Ransomware becomes increasingly sophisticated, IT managers are being forced to rethink their backup strategies. Ransomware is currently one of the biggest threats to businesses, and last year 72% of companies surveyed by the Australian government had experienced a Ransomware incident in some form. What is Ransomware? As we’ve discussed in earlier blogs, Ransomware is…
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Why do you need a Disaster Recovery plan?

Whether your business is in retail, manufacturing or healthcare, companies have never been more connected, or vulnerable. Many businesses fail to put a strong Disaster Recovery plan in place. Whether at the hands of natural disasters, cyber-attacks or human error – data loss is costly and risky. A strong DR plan would help mitigate common…
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Cloud Computing and the IT administrator

IT administrators in organisations that make use of cloud computing technology argue that they spend less time doing mundane activities. This is the key finding from the latest BetterCloud study. It also showed a clear trend of larger organisations migrating to cloud services such as Office 365, as opposed to small and medium enterprises running…
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Could your data centre withstand a natural disaster?

Recent research from Zenium Technology partners has uncovered that one in two organisations are failing to operate from a data centre that can withstand a natural disaster. Its ‘Managing Growth, Risk and the Cloud’ report found businesses to date have suffered around five incidents on average, in total with their data centre. Despite these figures,…
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