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The Cloud Computing experts

Finding the right cloud provider

A guest blog by Tom Chappelow, Managing Director of Nimbox. Choosing the right sales model, coding languages, website font and coffee machine are all important decisions when launching a new and (hopefully) popular app. As we began to build a company around our app, and as the availability of the Nimbox service became the biggest cause of…
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Healthy heart success

The second virtualDCS ‘Healthy Hearts’ day took place on 11th February and it was a fantastic event, thanks to the help of Heart Research UK. The day started with 10 minute personal life assessments, evaluating what lifestyle choices can affect the heart, such as alcohol intake, exercise levels and the consumption of saturated fat. Blood pressure readings…
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virtualDCS has got it all wrapped up this Christmas

While the team reflects on another eventful year, they would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. 2012 has seen significant growth for virtualDCS with the team nearly doubling in size, welcoming an array of new sales and support employees into the company. This new growth has enabled virtualDCS to extend its service portfolio, now…
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