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The Cloud Computing experts

Cloud providers join forces over US government surveillance power

Cloud providers throughout the world are battling against the US government in an effort to stop it seizing data without informing customers. Microsoft has been backed by technology companies and US corporations in legal action against the US government over laws that could have major implications for the development of cloud computing. Supporting companies include…
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Bitcoin value drops over 10%

Due to a major hack at the Hong Kong-based digital currency exchange Bitfinex, Bitcoin value has now dropped more than 10%. Bitfinex has stated that nearly 120,000 Bitcoins were stolen in the attack, with the value of around $65m. All transactions have now been suspended while the breach is investigated. The attack is one of…
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Brexit and data sovereignty

The only certainty about the Brexit result is that the UK’s exit from the European Union is going to create uncertainty, for data sovereignty. The protection of data will be one of these ‘cloudy’ areas to watch. What is data sovereignty? Data sovereignty refers to data being held in a different country and how it complies…
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UK Referendum result causes email spam increase

There has been a colossal increase in spam emails being sent to concerned citizens following the EU referendum. The phishing attacks have been targeting users with subjects such as “Brexit causes historic market drop”. Users have been advised not to open, click or respond to these emails. What is a Phishing attack? Phishing is an…
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DeepMind gains access to UK patient records

DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence division, has now been given access to an estimated 1.6 million NHS patient records as part of its research. Google has stated it will use the data in order to develop an early warning system application, called Stream, for patients who are at risk of developing acute kidney injuries. According to…
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New Ransomware scam uncovered

A new widely distributed scam email, that quotes recipient’s postal address, has now been linked to a dangerous form of Ransomware called Maktub. Andrew Brandt from the security firm Blue Coat, exclusively contacted the BBC to discuss his findings after listening to a Radio 4 programme discussing the phishing scam. After investigating the scam further,…
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WhatsApp adds end to end encryption

The instant messaging service has announced that it will now use end to end encryption for all its user data, making it unreadable if intercepted by criminals. The company, which is owned by Facebook, claims that protecting private communication is one of its core beliefs. Investing in end to end encryption scrambles the data as it…
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