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Swiss email firm held to ransom in surge of DDoS attacks

According to reports, Protonmail, a secure email firm in Switzerland has been forced to pay a ransom of more than £3,600 after hackers crippled its website. Protonmail is a free web-based email service that fully relies on its website to provide services to its customers. In a recent blog the company stated that on Tuesday…
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Investigatory Powers Bill refined

Theresa May has announced that ‘contentious’ parts of the web surveillance plan will be dropped. Police will now be able to view websites people have visited but not the specific pages they have viewed, without a warrant. The new security bill which will be presented to Parliament on Wednesday and is the latest in a…
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Anonymous and KKK feud continues

According to recent reports, the Anonymous collective has threatened to release the identities of the white supremacist group members next month, on the anniversary of their anti-Klan operation. “About 1,000” KKK members’ names will be revealed as part of an ongoing operation against the group in the US. The names were reportedly stolen after the…
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British Gas login details exposed

British Gas has now contacted around 2,200 of its customers warning them that their email address and account passwords were posted online. The company, however says that it does not think its internal systems have been breached and that BT has taken proactive action and disabled the relevant accounts following the discovery. No bank account…
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TalkTalk cyber-attack leads to a call for new regulatory powers

Experts have said that regulators must be given significant powers in order to attack the escalating issue of online fraud within the UK. The urge for change arises after millions of customers had their data stolen from the communications company, TalkTalk. A breach which could cause issues for its victims that will last for years…
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Apple pulls 250 privacy infringing applications from its App store

The applications that have now been removed from the App store after they were found to be taking private information from iPhones using a malicious advertising toolkit. The applications which were largely from Chinese based developers stole private information, such as email addresses, from users. This is due to a popular software development kit called…
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Don’t fall foul to Whale finance fraud

Online criminals are stealing millions from unsuspecting companies, with a scam based around faking email messages from company directors. The spoofed messages ask finance staff to immediately pay a supplier on behalf of the chief executive as they are currently out of the office and unavailable to do so themselves. Experts have called this scam…
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