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Australia begins mass metadata retention

A new law that has come into effect today, requires large amounts of telecommunications metadata to be retained for a period of two years by Australian telecommunications companies. This information includes data on who text or called each other and for how long. This is in addition to location, the volume of data exchanged, email…
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Netgear router exploit discovered

A US security researcher has said that his Netgear router was hacked after attackers found a flaw in the machine. Joe Giron told the BBC that he discovered the altered administrator settings on his router in September. The compromised router was then customised to send website browsing information to a malicious Internet address. Netgear says…
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Experian hack raises doubts about security of credit databases

Customer privacy groups are calling for the US Federal Trade Commission to investigate the breach at the credit agency and data broker Experian. In a letter from the US Public Interest Research group, co-signed by 25 different data security and consumer advocacy organisations, the groups questioned the safety of customer information held by Experian after…
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Samsung mobile payments safe, despite hack.

Samsung Electronics has said its mobile payment system is secure after hackers attacked its US-based subsidiary LoopPay. LoopPay was purchased by the company in February and developed the payment system used to run Samsung Pay. An article in the New York Times on Wednesday said that the hacking incident had occurred in March by Chinese hackers, called…
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Hackers steal data on 15 million US T-Mobile customers

The breach was at a unit of the credit agency Experian which T-Mobile uses to process information on its users and applicants. Names, social security numbers and birth dates were among the information stolen, however, both firms have rest assured customers that no financial details have been taken. Subscribers that were credit-checked between 1st September…
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Medical systems vulnerable to hackers

According to researchers, thousands of medical systems such as MRI machines are accessible online by hackers. Researchers Scott Erven and Mark Collao claim that to date around 68,000 medical systems from a large US health group have been exposed. They presented their findings at a hacker conference Derbycon. They explained to delegates that interfaces connected…
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Silent Circle ‘Privacy first’ phone revamp

The security firm Silent Circle has revamped its smartphone application that helps people to manage their personal data. The Blackphone 2 adds software to the basic android operating system, enabling users to customise what each application, service and website they use can know about them. The phone is currently on the market for £525 ($799)…
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