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MMS bug affects 1 billion Android phones

Hackers are able to send malicious code, hidden within a multimedia message, in order to access an Andriod service called Stagefright. Hackers are able to send the code via MMS to access the Stagefright service, without any action from the recipient. After stagefright has been accessed other data and applications on the handset can then…
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Jeep hack sparks 1.4 million car recall

Fiat Chrysler has issued a safety recall of 1.4m vehicles in the United States, after security researchers managed to hack one of the vehicles through its Uconnect system. The voluntary recall has been announced in order to update the software in the affected vehicles, which include: 2013-2015 MY Dodge Viper specialty vehicles 2013-2015 Ram 1500,…
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HP states smartwatches are susceptible to hacking

The company tested 10 smartwatches for numerous security features, including password protection and data encryption. Security faults were found in all watches. The company had tested 10 of the most popular smartwatches, where it found that: Only half of the watches had a lock function – meaning that in 50% of cases, you don’t have…
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Warning as cars can be hacked by digital radio

A new warning has emerged that infotainment systems on several cars could be hacked to seize control of a vehicle’s critical systems, including the breaks. The NCC security group alerted the public to the hacking flaw after it found a way to carry out the attacks by sending data through digital audio broadcasting signals. This scare…
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Hackers take control of Jeep cars

Security bugs in the car’s Uconnect system allow hackers to take over Jeeps, enabling them to apply the brakes, stop the engine and take control of the steering wheel over the internet. Unlike some other car cyber-attacks which have taken place, where only the entertainment system is vulnerable, the Uconnect hackers can take control of…
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Spam emails at 12 year low

According to the security firm Symantec, people are now receiving fewer spam emails than they ever have over the last 12 years. The report stated that less than 50% of emails scanned throughout June were junk emails, which is the lowest percentage that it been reported in over a decade. Spammers in China and Eastern…
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Public bodies are accidentally releasing confidential information

Police, Councils and Government Departments are unintentionally releasing personal and confidential information on a regular basis.  This is according to the freedom of information website ‘whatdotheyknow.com’. The website which automates freedom of information (FOI) requests and publishes its responses, has reported on 154 accidental data leaks since 2009. These also included reports from the NHS.…
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