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US army shuts website after hacking

The US army has temporarily taken down its website after a hacking attempt. According to reports an element of the army.mil website was compromised and shortly after webmasters shut down the website in order to ensure that no data was breached. Officials are now stressing that the website contained no official classified information or any…
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Millions affected by US government data breach

It is suspected that Chinese hackers have carried out a “massive breach” of US government data, affecting millions of current and previous employee’s officials have said. It has been reported by The Office Of Personnel Management (OPM) on Thursday that around four million current and previous employees have been affected by the breach. The Breach…
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Ransomware as a Service discovered

Anyone can now become a cyber-criminal thanks to a new Ransomware as a Service tool discovered on the ‘darknet’ by researchers at McAfee. The latest advance puts even more pressure on organisations to ensure the safety of their information. The tool (branded Tox) lets anybody, regardless of their technical ability, automatically create ransomware software. This…
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