Recovery as a Service

Our Recovery as a Service section page is designed to answer all your questions about RaaS

Recovery as a Service (RaaS) can come under many names; from Disaster Recovery to Backup as a Service and Business continuity.
In short, this technology, often combined with the cloud, is utilised to protect and recover your data in the event of an IT disaster. With RaaS you can create a customised solution to suit your business requirements, with customisable backup periods.

What is Recovery
as a Service?

From our virtual, highly available Cloud-based VMware server farm, virtualDCS provides services that offer you a low cost, high…

What are RPO
and RTO?

RPO and RTO are terms commonly used for Disaster Recovery, describing the amount of time taken to recover data and the amount…

Why replicate your
whole server?

Replicating just your data can seriously increase your recovery times. If you replicate just your data and not your whole server, when it…

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