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What is a Private Cloud?

A Private Cloud sits outside the common definition of Cloud Computing, since Cloud generally refers to the renting of computing resource from a third party presented via the Internet.

The term Private Cloud is usually used to describe a virtualisation infrastructure that is dedicated to one client.

Private Clouds offer an additional layer of flexibility to businesses that require this, as they can be hosted internally or externally.

They can also be owned, maintained and operated by the business or by a trusted service provider, such as virtualDCS. The term is heavily marketed by virtualisation software vendors who are keen to wrap the entire infrastructure piece under the Cloud banner.

There are a number of additional benefits that a Private Cloud solution offers.

What are the benefits of a Private Cloud?
• Pooling of resources across multiple applications and departments to create a more cost-effective IT infrastructure model.

• Isolation from other companies providing potential security compliance and performance benefits (compared to Public Cloud solutions).

• Flexibility to create isolated environments within the one physical infrastructure resulting in cost savings (e.g. production and development).

virtualDCS have a strong team with a wealth of experience in delivering Private Cloud solutions. Feel free to call us to discuss whether this is the right solution for your business.