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What is Software as a Service?

SaaS isn’t a new concept, in fact, you’re using it right now to read this definition.

SaaS is an alternate way of accessing software from traditional based methods, such as disks and local installations, by using the Internet instead.

If the application that you’re accessing isn’t stored locally, for example on your phone or laptop, and is accessed through the Internet, then you’re using SaaS technology.

A few well-known examples of SaaS applications include Netflix, Facebook and Spotify, but there’s really no limit to the types of software that can be hosted and delivered through the cloud. (Related blog – what is the cloud?)

SaaS applications are not just limited to personal use, businesses are taking advantage of hosted software, using accounting, performance monitoring software solutions and much more.

This method of software delivery is one of the fastest growing divisions of cloud technology, with both end users and businesses driving the change.



• Lower cost of entry

• Lower total cost of ownership

• Elimination of capital expenditures

• Dramatic reduction in I.T. salaries & costs

• Faster implementations

• Outsourced expertise reduces risk

• Access a powerful & secure infrastructure


• Instant access to new releases & updates

• Pay for software as a subscription, as opposed to outright

• Reduced pressure on the internal IT department

• Faster software implementation times

• Reduced costs overall

•Access software anywhere

Thinking about hosting your software online?

Take advantage of our SaaS grant and no-obligation proof of concept. Open to new and established developers.


If you’re not sure where to start with SaaS, we’re here.

We’ve helped a variety of businesses, in different industries to SaaS their software so we can assist both technically and in regards to your new business plan. We don’t do hard selling, just honest advice.


As part of our grant, we’ll provide you with access to virtual servers on our platform for 30 days. 
During this time, you can go
ahead and test your new SaaS solution, offering it out to customers new and old while testing the capabilities of our platform.


After the grant period has concluded, we’re more than happy to give you a discounted service while you bring more customers to your software.

With our transparent ‘pay as you grow’ hosting, you can also ensure that you only pay for the resources that you use.


We understand that for many customers, moving from traditional solutions to the cloud can be quite daunting. This is why we’re here to help you any questions.

We’re also happy to supply any marketing material that can help you and your customers migrate successfully.

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