Cloud Hosting Services

From our highly available platform, virtualDCS provide cloud hosting services that offer you a low cost, high availability option for supporting your key applications.

You can receive a first class cloud hosting solution without the need for capital investment. Our ‘Pay as you grow’ cloud solution allows you to pay for the capacity and facilities you need, as opposed to what you think you might need in the future.

What’s more, our best of breed virtualisation platform offers both exceptionally high levels of availability, along with fast implementation periods. This means we can create or amend your solution within a matter of minutes… with a traditional IT solution, this would days or weeks to complete.

Lower Costs
Using our Cloud hosting services enables you to significantly reduce both
IT infrastructure and support costs:
Cloud Hosting services
  • Reduced need for capital expenditure / infrastructure investment.
  • Lower IT resource and service costs, with fewer systems to administer and support.
  • Reduction in server sprawl, leading to a reduction in facilities costs.
  • Less physical servers, resulting in significantly lower energy and cooling costs.
  • No depreciation costs, without the need to replace obsolete hardware.
  • Pay as you grow – only rent the level of server capacity you actually need.
High Availabilty
All servers hosted with virtualDCS are on a highly available platform,
in Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centres – built using state of the art virtualisation technologies:
disaster recovery
  • High availability at a fraction of the cost of setting up a similar platform yourself.
  • Benefit from virtualisation features, such as using cloning technology.
  • Patches can be tested on copies of live systems quickly, and with no downtime for your users.
  • Provision new servers within minutes, rather than the days or even weeks it would take in a physical environment.
Environmental impact
Having your systems hosted has a positive effect on your carbon footprint:
Green Cloud Hosting services
  • Energy costs and consumption reduced by 80% compared with physical hosting.
  • Advanced resource and memory management features vastly improve utilisation and efficiency.
  • Keep carbon footprint, energy and cooling requirements to a minimum.
  • Automatically power off unneeded physical servers without impacting applications and users.
Less IT department strain
Choose from a straightforward infrastructure service, through to a fully manage hosting solution.
Whatever your requirements, the benefits are clear:
  • All servers hosted with virtualDCS are fully monitored to ensure fast problem resolution and maximum system uptime.
  • Choose from an extensive list of managed service options to tailor the service to suit your in-house resource and skill levels.
  • No night-time call outs – we’re on standby 24/7.
  • Let your IT team focus on your business applications, and not the infrastructure those applications demand.