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Solutions for SME’s

Virtualisation technology has been proven to provide businesses of all sizes with a variety of benefits over a traditional physical infrastructure, but how would an SME benefit from the Cloud?

Why the Cloud?

Reduced capital expenditure: For a small or medium organisation finding capital for an infrastructure upgrade can be problematic. Through a virtual solution, this is avoidable.
Improved cash flow and a scalable service: The Cloud enables real-time service upgrades and the ability to pay for packages on a monthly or quarterly basis.
Reduced operational expenditure: By partnering with a Cloud Computing provider the SME avoids the need to hire I.T. staff to manage its physical infrastructure.

Power and cooling consumption: This is also reduced, as the data is stored in secure data centres, as opposed to operating on-site.

High availability and reliability: virtualDCS provide an enterprise hosting solution that is built to be highly resilient. These are essential I.T. requirements in which to build and develop a business.

virtualDCS has a range of SME cloud solutions for every business.

SME’s have forever growing requirements for IT operations within their businesses; these usually include an area to store files, an email system and the ability to run applications such as an accounts system or line of business systems.
Due to the ever-changing needs of the SME’s, virtualDCS has partnered with a range of companies to help our customers receive the most from the cloud. One of these companies is Nimbox.

What is Nimbox?

Nimbox is a scalable file backup, sync and share service that offers effective team collaboration – with secure access through an online portal or via a desktop agent.

We can discuss your current situation, migrate you to the cloud and help you future-proof your IT systems.

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