VMware Web Hosting

Pay as you go, Pay as you grow web hosting.
Buying or renting physical servers gives you the challenge of predicting both your current and future requirements and committing to them from day one.

With our VMware Web Hosting, all resources including CPU, memory, and disk space can be resized in an instant, so there’s no painful migration or extensive downtime when you upgrade. Our flexible hosting service means you only pay for the resources you actually need not the resources you might need.

Commanding Control
Control your business with full admin rights.

This means you can run whatever software versions you like when you like. You can even power your virtual server off or reboot it at a time that suits you.

Through our virtual console, you can see the history of how your server has been performing including CPU, memory, and disk space.

Unprecedented Uptime
High availability comes as standard with our solutions…

High Availability comes as standard with all our solutions. If your virtual server hardware fails it will be back within minutes and there is no rebuilding or restoring required.

Delivered from a fully resilient infrastructure we ensure there is always a spare server available instantly, you should rarely even notice if we have a hardware failure.

Dedicated servers
Your business doesn’t need to fight for resources any more.

Our servers are NOT Virtual Private Servers, this means no fighting for resources like other virtualisation technologies. Our platform uses hardware virtualisation and memory is dedicated to your server to provide you with a consistent experience.

If your current Virtual Private Server walks or crawls… our server will ensure your site always runs.

Enterprise Class Support
Managing your own server isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Our support teams are real people available by E-mail or over the phone. It will be a pleasure for us to help you to help yourself. Alternatively, opt for our fully managed Gold package and we’ll do it all for you.

Reliable & Flexible Bandwidth
Understanding your bandwidth requirements can be key to the performance of your site.

Many hosting companies offer inclusive throughput burst services, resilient connections, but what does this really mean?

At virtualDCS, we don’t offer over contended internet solutions, and we will always strive to provide you with a bandwidth solution that will give your users the quality experience you expect.

One size does not fit all!